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Apple & Android Websites Not Mobile Optimized

This is just plain old weird. via a mobile browser:

Seriously? isn’t mobile optimized? The “design meets technology to form magical blah blah blah, and birthed the mobile web into existence,” company never bothered to optimize their own website?

Note to Apple fanboys & girls: That “apps downloaded” ticker doesn’t count as mobile optimized. It’s lazy, and ironically self-celebratory. via a mobile browser:

And Google isn’t off the hook on this either. “Mobile first,” Google never bothered to create a mobile-friendly version of their mobile operating system’s website? This is pathetic. via a mobile browser:

You already know where this is going…

I can’t even get annoyed by this because I would have been honestly surprised if RIM got something right in 2012.

Windows Phone 7′s website via a mobile browser:

Surprise! It is mobile optimized…

… But only if you’re viewing the website in landscape. Switch to portrait and it’s improperly formatted.

This is so very Microsoft.


It shouldn’t be too much to ask the companies leading the mobile revolution to properly optimize their websites’ for mobile. It’s not like they have a lack of capable design or development talent.


Get Your Apple Hardware Fixed Before March 7

Apple’s announcing a new iPad on March 7, and it will be in stores shortly thereafter. Consequently, the Apple Stores will immediately fill with mobs of anxious people itching to drop some cash.

My recommendation – Get to the Apple Store and have your current hardware repaired before March 7. It’s a lot quieter in Macistan right now, so take advantage.

Enjoy your condescending conversation with a “genius!”


Why You Shouldn’t Trade In Your Mobile Device

Mobile device retailers like Apple, Best Buy, Amazon & Verizon want you to recycle or trade-in your mobile devices. They even offer a good chunk of change to do so.

Bonus: Check out the terrible alien/ Michael Jackson-esque photoshopping of this woman! Good job Verizon.

It’s usually not a terrible deal, but there is one big reason why you should keep your retired mobile device:

Mobile devices break.

They are portable, small, handled often, and as a result are easy to drop.

The screens are prone to glitches and wear-out over the course of a year or two.


When they die, you may have a warranty, and your retailer will get you a refurbished one, but it will take a few days to a few weeks.

During that time you will either have to pay for a loaner (which is usually a shitty Droid Eris or something equally crappy), or you can use your own old phone.

You will be much better off with your own phone, but you won’t have your old phone if you don’t keep it.


Steve Jobs Steps Down

On the back on a very busy, exceptionally good day, I came home late to the news that Steve Jobs has stepped down as the CEO of Apple. In a letter he asked to serve as Chairman, and install Tim Cook as CEO.

I haven’t had a chance to look at the tech press or Twitter reaction to the news but I’ve got mixed emotions, as I always do when it comes to Jobs.

He’s a once in a generation kind of guy. As I’ve said before I think he’s right about 95% of the time, but when he’s wrong he makes me hopping mad. I do believe that Apple can carry on without him at this point, I wasn’t so sure a few years back.

I hope he is healthy, and that he has many years left to enjoy.

Steve, I will miss being impressed and pissed with you.

(Via FN)


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