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Gpanion > iGoogle (Updated)

I pretty much use Google services for everything these days. It’s tough to admit but it’s true. Their services work damn well, and it is so convenient to have everything in one place (and at this point I still trust them at least as much as any other web company).

With the exception of a few services, I pretty much spend all of my non-work Internet time using Google’s products (except for WordPress, because WordPress rules, and Blogger is only ok).

All of that being said, iGoogle weak; it’s ugly and clunky. That’s why I have switched to Gpanion, and I am really happy with it.

Basically it allows you to drag and drop whatever Google Products icons you want into a nicely designed, easy-to-use layout. Here’s what mine looks like:

If they would only let me add a few non-Google links like WordPress, Pandora, and Meetup, I would be all set.


After contacting Gpanion about the possibility of adding non-Google links, they told me that they plan to have a paid version that will allow users to add other links, as well as other customizations.

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t pay for that, but we shall see what else they come up with.


Google vs. Facebook

Google has been quietly competing with Facebook since December 2007 with Google Profiles. Google Profiles links back to Google Reader, Google Maps, Picasa, and Flickr among a few other applications. Plus, I have no doubt that they will further integrate Profiles into other applications.

Google has amped up the competition with Facebook by promoting Google Profiles as a person finder. Google is essentially saying to all of us, “If you want to come up when people search your name and look for you, build a Profile (and use all of our other applications).” (If you don’t have a Google Profile you will still come up in Google search).

If Facebook is primarily being used to connect with friends, maintain those connections, and share information and photographs, Google Profiles can do all of that too.

I am interested to see how this growing competition plays out.

If you care, you can see my fairly bare-bones profile here.


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