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New Facebook Profile Redesign

Tomorrow Facebook is rolling out a redesigned layout for user profiles. You may access that new layout today by following these simple steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the green button in the top right

The new layout is a bit cleaner. The new profiles focus on photos and the Wall.

I have no real gripes, except that profile information is a little cramped at the top of the page, but I don’t really care. That being said, I’m sure there will be 1,000 “bring back the older version of Facebook” groups by tomorrow evening.

(Source: TNW)


Making a Better Facebook and/or Twitter On No Budget

Typical conversation:

Guy (it’s always a guy): “Oh you make websites? Well, I’m looking to make a website that only targets college students and businesses. It’s going to be awesome. It needs to be sleek, easy to use, and exclusive. It’s also got to let people make profiles and like share stuff. I think we could really make a fortune with it. Do you think you can do it? I will totally cut you in on the profits.”

Me: “Really? That sounds interesting. Can you think of any existing websites that already do what you are looking to accomplish?”

Guy: “Think like Facebook or Twitter… but different… and better!”

Me: “Ok. How are you going to draw a user-base?”

Guy: “Well, we need to make it exclusive. Only people with a .edu email are going to be able to use it at first. I have no doubt that it will spread like crazy in colleges. Trust me.”

Me: “Of course. I’m sure you’re right. What’s your budget look like?”

Guy: “Oh, money isn’t a problem.”

Me: “So how will you pay for it?”

Guy: “I told you, you and your people can have a share of the profits. We’re going to be rich. This can’t fail.”

Me: “I wish you the best of luck.”

Maybe someone can out-social Facebook & Twitter. I do believe it is possible to make a successful social network.

However, it ain’t cheap, especially if you don’t know how to code your own site.

A popular idea that I run into is, “It’s going to be like Facebook, but only for people who love movies / music / cats / whatever.”

When working on an idea like this, you really need to ask yourself, “Why would a user use your new, site as opposed to just going on Facebook or Twitter?” If your answer isn’t really compelling, it’s not going to work.

Apple and Google can *probably* will a successful social network into existence, but it’s difficult for them. Google is struggling to crack the social nut, and they are Google. You aren’t.

Until you have a magical idea, stop asking people to help you build a better Facebook. Facebook is already built, and it’s so large it should have it’s own seat at the United Nations. Everyone and their mother, and their mother’s mother is on Facebook.

Good luck trying to compete with that.


Some Good Fucking Design Advice

They come up one at a time, so click the, “This isn’t enough, I need more fucking advice,” link to see more.

If you are a delicate fucking snowflake you can feel free to turn on “Family Fucking Friendly” mode in the top navigation (Or you can turn it on for the hell of it because it’s really quite funny).

I’m posting from my phone on a train, so that all for now.


Ginger Baker’s New Website is Crass

Famed belligerent drug addict, and Cream/ Blind Faith drummer Ginger Baker launched a new website that is boldly crass.

The design isn’t remotely noteworthy, but I’m very fond of the written content on the homepage.

“Am I to blame if people try… to emulate my life and die?”

No, but you don’t need to celebrate it.

“Official Website and Online Store of the World’s Greatest Drummer.”

Would you look at that, he even has a store.

What a jackass.


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