“Technically correct is the best kind of correct”

In the immortal words of Bureaucrat #1.0 from Futurama, “Technically correct is the best kind of correct.”

All of you file sharers out there should be aware of an epidemic that is flooding our iPods with false information.

A long time ago when Napster was cool, some people misnamed a few songs in their share folder. As time passed and more people downloaded those misnamed songs, they began to multiply, spreading their heinous falsehoods throughout the Internet.

Today, there are thousands of people suffering from misattribute-itis. A common disorder whereby the victim thinks one artist performed a particular song, but it really was someone else.

This stops today my friends. Here is a short list of some of the most common songs that have been misattributed as a result of file sharing:

  • Carry On Wayward Son is performed by Kansas, not the Eagles.
  • The way cool theme from Top Gun was performed by Steve Stevens, not Eddie Van Halen.
  • We Built This City was performed by Jefferson Starship, not Journey.
  • Eric Clapton’s song Tears in Heaven is not called Would You Know My Name.
  • The Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song Under the Bridge is not called City of Angels.

I am certain there are more out there. I will add them if I find any more.

Check your iPod friend. Make sure you are not an unwitting victim of misattribute-itis.

One thought on ““Technically correct is the best kind of correct”

  1. hi..I know of this advice…my favourite composer had two of her songs misnamed and miscredited and it took me 5 years to find her and tell her. 5 years! i was determined to find her! I would have never ever got hold of her if it wasn’t for my nancy drew abilities. Its very upsetting and confusing for everyone pluse copyright issues and can cause confusion by other artists
    so thanks for the wise words because mislabled songs ( name and song) can hurt everyone.


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