Google, thanks for the chuckle

I really like and use a lot of Google products… but every once in a while they do something that is really out there.

Enter “Mail Goggles,” the new Gmail feature that, if enabled will make you answer a series of simple math equations before you may send an email on the weekend. 

Why do you need this? 

It is to prevent you from sending regrettable emails while intoxicated (for the record, April Fools Day has long past). 

Now, as a general rule, I want to stay away from matters of politics, religion, and social commentary on this blog… but I can’t help myself.

Seriously, Mail Goggles!?

When I look at this I think of archeologists thousands of years from now. They are looking over the software and other creations of our wonderful society, and they find this… Mail Goggles. This top team of archeologists study our email system, and find this piece of functionality that makes users answer simple math problems before they can send an email… on weekends. They subsequently publish a paper titled, “Elementary Math: 21st Century Humans Enjoy Basic Arithmetic in Spare Time.” In this paper, they ponder how such a technologically advanced society has created this complex email software, yet finds amusement in basic math. Then one day, some young PhD looks over the software and realizes that we are not amused by math… we just lack discipline.

Thank you Google for releasing this software and making me cringe and laugh at the same time. Now if you just add this feature to the Google Android cell phone platform, you can keep drunk people from calling and texting their former significant others. Throwing small rocks at their window in the middle of the night may have a resurgence!

2 thoughts on “Google, thanks for the chuckle

  1. I think its great as it shows Google has a sense of humour, plus it is actually quite useful. I’ve often sent things in a rush, re-read my sent version and cringe!

    Now, if only we could get that fabled breathalyzer for the phone…

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