Pandora: Free Legal Music on the Internet!?

I’m back from my hiatus. Things have been insanely busy lately, but I am confident that I shall be able to post consistently now. 

If you aren’t using Pandora, you really are missing out.

Pandora is a free Internet radio site. It is so simple to use, and so amazing, I don’t really have words to describe how much I like it.

How does it work you ask?

Simply signup for free on their site, and subsequently follow their instructions to make your own “station.”

When you make a station, you type in the name of an artist/band, song, or album. It will begin playing music from that artist/band, and music that is similar in some manner to the artist/band, song, or album that you based the station.

Each song that plays, you can rate with a thumbs up or thumbs down. I implore you to rate the songs. If you rate a song thumbs down, it will, it will skip the song and play a new one. ***If you skip too many, too quickly, it won’t let you skip more for an hour, unless you pay for a full membership (which you don’t need).*** If you run out of skips, make a new station and start using that one.

You can add additional artists to a station and make a hybrid. One of my coworkers made a Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Queen station that he is very happy with.

Also, as you rate the songs, Pandora fine-tunes your station.

All of my stations are trained so well, that I rarely ever skip a song anymore. My “Eric Clapton Station” plays a spectacular combination of blues and rock. 

Once your station is synced up with your tastes, it is a ton of fun each time the song changes. You never know what it is going to play, but you know you are going to like it. 

I use Pandora at work everyday because I don’t really want to bring an MP3 player in. I just leave my headphones in my desk. No hassle at all. 

… and it’s all legal.

2 thoughts on “Pandora: Free Legal Music on the Internet!?

  1. Pandora rocks! I feel though, that it might be too good to be true… I just hope that it lasts just as it is – no commercials, no paying, etc. It’s also great to use at parties instead of having an mp3 player – everyone can put in their recommendations and you have music that satisfies all.

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