Damn it, Microsoft is Right

There are a lot of bad people on the Internet. Not an overwhelming quantity, but more than enough to cause a lot of ruckus, and some serious problems for innocent users. Microsoft has just released a Security Intelligence Report that basically says, the Internet is becoming more dangerous.

Malware threats are up 43%.

Malware is short for “malicious software.” Viruses and other pieces of software that exploit your computer all fall under the category of malware.

Malware can serve a number of purposes, but the most common are to steal money, and/or destroy personal computers, or servers.

Practice safe computing!

Microsoft also reported that naïve users are partially to blame for this upswing in the spread of malware.

Users need to make sure that they keep their systems up-to-date, and follow some of the old rules of email. Don’t open anything suspicious, don’t click on odd links, don’t forward strange emails, and please stop forwarding chain messages (your dog won’t die if you don’t forward that email to 10 people).

Your thoughts?

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