Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert, you’re on notice

I truly believed I would be writing a different post today.

I spent most of my day traveling to New York City and standing in front of Jon Stewart’s studio. A good friend of mine got tickets to see the live Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s  coverage of the Election. As we trekked into the City, we happily bantered about how we could not imagine a better place to view the results of this Election. 

The email instructions said to arrive at 6:00. Just to make sure we had all of our bases covered, we decided to start waiting at 4:00.

There were approximately 30 people in front of us, and about 100 people behind us in the line.

A little before 9:00, we were given purple tickets (index cards with numbers written on them). Most people did not receive a ticket, and were told they had to go. They didn’t have a seat because too many VIP tickets were given away. Thirty minutes later, most of the people holding purple tickets were told they too had to go home. My party included. We missed the cutoff by about five people. Near as I could tell, Billy Crystal and his entourage got our seats (at the very least, the guy who cut in looked a whole lot like him).  

We didn’t have standby tickets, we had tickets.

We waited 5.5 hours, and then we were turned away.

Now, to be fair, they have offered us our own VIP tickets for another night, but it isn’t the night we signed-up for. We went to see the live Election coverage.

I took most of the day off from work to attend, I paid to travel into the City, and I sat on line for 5.5 hours, only to get the boot 30 minutes before airtime.

Next to us in the line, there was an older couple who travelled from Minnesota to see this show. I cannot imagine how disappointed they were.

This was completely predictable on the show’s end. They know how many tickets were issued. They could have at least been up front with us, and told us before 9pm, and when they finally did tell us, they did so with a condescending apology. Anyone who asked for an explanation was brushed off.

I left a polite, but stern message with their offices seeking some kind of justification for this insulting waste of time, but if their office staff is anything like their line staff, I doubt I will get a response. 

I am a huge fan of both shows, and watch them both fairly religiously, but this experience has left me feeling extremely disappointed. Their fans are loyal, and deserve much better.

(Thank you for bearing with me through this off-topic post, tomorrow we are back to business as usual on The Geek Whisperer)

4 thoughts on “Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert, you’re on notice

  1. Sorry. That really sucks. You’ve been talking about it for a while. Maybe they’ll make it up to you in four years?

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