You should be reading comics

It isn’t a coincidence that so many blockbuster movies are based on comic books. Many comics are quite good, and in spite of popular believe, the overwhelming majority of comics aren’t written for children (I started reading them in college).

Some of the top television shows are created by people who also write comics, check out Allan Heinberg’s resume if you don’t believe me.

Here’s the truth about comic books. They are just like any other form of entertainment. As with books, movies, and TV shows, they range from life changing and amazing, to utter garbage.

If you haven’t read comics before, or haven’t picked them up in a while, you should give them a shot (ladies, this goes for you too).

Use the Comic Shop Locator and find a shop near you.

Over the coming days, I will write a bit about how to pick a comic shop, the types of comic geeks that you will encounter, and what comics would be a good choice for entry into the genre.

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