Comic Books & Politics

President-Elect Obama collects Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comics (I hope he buys from a local shop).

In other geeky political news.

Jason Mumpower (Republican) was recently elected to Tennessee’s House of Representatives. After an anonymous email sent to the state Ethics Commission, an investigation was launched regarding Mumpower’s comic collection. Mumpower had to disclose any investments that could become a conflict of interest, and failed to list his comic collection.

Ultimately, it was determined that Mumpower’s failure to declare his 17,000 book collection was not an ethics violation, and was cleared of wrongdoing. For more on this story visit Comic Book Resources (one of my favorite sources for comic related news).

For more on the value of comic books and why 17,000 books might not be worth so much, come back tomorrow. I will take you on a journey through comic history to determine why some comics are obscenely valuable, and many only carry sentimental value.

Your thoughts?

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