Demotivation Posters

You know those annoying motivational posters. The ones with the pretty photograph (like an eagle flying), black boarder, a inspirational word in big bold letters (such as “initiative”), and then a nauseating sentence explaining the big bold word, and the photograph. 

Those posters drive me up the wall.

Fortunately, there is Despair, Inc. and their website

They make demotivational posters, mugs, and shirts, among other things. These snarky posters are completely hilarious, and should be plastered up on the wall of any self-respecting geek. Take a look. You won’t be disappointed. 

(For the record, I am in no way affiliated with the folks at Despair, Inc. I am just a big fan of their work).

Just wanted to share this with you.

I will be back soon with a more substantive post.

3 thoughts on “Demotivation Posters

  1. I’ve been a fan of despair for a looooooong time. It’s so fun with all the little things they do with hidden notes, etc when you buy something.

    And I love my pessimists mug!!!

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