Macs Can Get Viruses

The next time you wander into a Apple Store and the sales person or “genius” tells you that you should get a Mac because, “they can’t get viruses,” roll up a newspaper, and hit the guy on the nose and say, “No! That’s a bad geek!”

(Maybe you shouldn’t do that… but you get the point)

The truth is that Macs can get viruses. It is just more difficult to make a virus for a Mac, and there aren’t as many viruses circulating for Macs as there are for PCs.

This really is more a matter of market share, not the utter superiority of Apple’s technology (that’s right… I went there).

Last I heard, Apple had about four percent market share worldwide. Granted, it is a growing and devoted four percent, but if you’re some bastard who is looking to make a virus and do some damage, or steal money, you want that virus to work on as many machines as possible. The obvious choice is to make your virus for PC because there are so many more. 

Now I don’t want you thinking that I am some rabid Microsoft fan. I am a Mac user for both my desktop and notebook. That being said, both companies have got things right, and both have a lot of things wrong… but that’s a story for another day.

For now, my point is if you have a Mac, be smart. There are viruses out there now one is called “Lamzev-A.” From what I understand, it is hidden on shady web sites as a video codec (software you need to view a video). The moral of the story is don’t install things from shady (porn) sites.

What I can promise you is that as Macs become more prolific, there will be more viruses for Macs.

The moral of the story is, regardless of whether you are running a PC or a Mac, always practice safe computing.

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