The “New X-Box Experience”

Here’s a quick post for you.

This past week, Microsoft released a new graphic user interface for their X-Box 360 video game console.

Graphic User Interface (GUI) – Programs, and games have to major components: The code that runs the software in the background, and the Graphic User Interface or GUI (pronounced gooey), which is what you actually see as the user. Basically, it is just what the user views and interacts with. The basic user should never see the code.

The new interface appears much more like the Nintendo Wii interface, which has earned Microsoft some ire from fans.

The geeks over at The Register (an IT and tech site that is usually very technical. This particular article is nontechnical) have a good description and evaluation of the new interface.

I’m going to keep this post short as I am away for the weekend, and my wireless connection is a bit dodgy. 

Your thoughts?

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