The Key to an Epic Movie

Why are movies like Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Arc & Last Crusade), Star Wars, the Lord of the Rings, and so many WWII movies, amazing?

I believe I have discovered the secret.

The answer: generic, absolute “bad baddies”

I’m talking about lots of people or people-like enemies that the heroes can slaughter in horrible ways, and no one feels bad about it.

Think about it. In these movies, the heroes kill tons of people, frequently making jokes about it. You don’t watch it and think to yourself, “war is a tragedy.” You think, “Wow… that looks like fun… and those bastards deserve it!”  

Stormtroopers, evil robots, orcs, and my personal favorite generic baddie, Nazis. Man, you can do anything to a Nazi in a movie (or a video game for that matter), and it is completely fine because the viewer has, and should never have any level of sympathy for these generic absolute evil baddies. Even if you think Darth Vader is cool, badass, and tragic, you still don’t care what happens to the Stormtroopers, or all of the people who die when the Death Star blows up.

Your thoughts?

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