The Geek Whisperer’s Guide to Breakups

This may seem like a crass entry (and it kind of is), but I cannot tell you how many people I have seen experience problems on account of their psycho ex knowing their passwords.

How to breakup:

Step 1 – Change all of your passwords to something that your soon to be ex won’t guess.

Remember to change:

  • All email addresses
  • All social networking profiles (Facebook, MySpace, etc)
  • Online banking
  • Your blog
  • Instant messenger accounts
  • Commerce sites ( or any other site you shop on)
  • Accounts for other online community that you are a member of
  • The password to your computer (if you are living in a dorm or in close proximity to the person)
  • (Side note) If he or she is nuts and has a key that may have been kept or copied, you might want to change your locks too
  • ATM code (Thanks Brie!)

You have to make these changes if you think your significant other might be unstable, and even if he or she is stable, you should still change the passwords. It’s a simple way to prevent a ton of trouble.

Step 2 – Initiate the breakup.

These things are quite important to keep in mind, and extremely easy to forget when emotions are in the drivers seat. Remember to practice safe computing, even during a breakup.

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