The Geek Whisperer’s Holiday Buyers Guide

Here are some gift ideas that will put a smile on the face of that special geek in your life (in no particular order).

·      Roll of Duct Tape – Nothing says “I love you and I want you to live a long happy life,” like duct tape. Any true geek understands the value of a good roll of duct tape.

·      Speck Cases for Apple Products – in my opinion, these are the best laptop cases on the market. If your geek has a Mac notebook, you can’t go wrong with this one (they also make many other great cases for other non-Apple products).

·      Movies – This is an obvious one: The Dark Knight (Arriving in stores on 12/9). If you want to go with something more old-school, funny, and quirky, pick up Real Genius (1985).

·      Books – Anything by Neil Gaiman.

·      Music – Here are a few albums from different genres that have stood out to me this year:

o   David Gilmore Live from Gdansk – Guitarist and vocalist from Pink Floyd puts on an incredible concert that spans his solo and Pink Floyd careers. Amazing album!

o   Scream Hello, Everything is Always Still Happening – This genre-spanning band has done some great things this year. Their new album is by far the most interesting thing I have put in my CD player in 2008. I strongly recommend this album.

o   Jackson Browne, Solo Acoustic Volume 2 – For the acoustic lover, Jackson Browne does a beautiful job with this compilation. Don’t bother with his new studio album Time the Conqueror. Pick this one up instead (vol. 1 is great too).

o   AC/DC, Black Ice – This is just good old-fashioned rock and roll. It won’t change your life, but it’s a fun ride.

·      Comics – A few great trade paperbacks (comic compilations):

o   Watchmen – If your geek hasn’t read this, he/she should before the movie is released in March. This is widely considered one of, if not the best, comic of all times.

o   Ex Machina – The extremely compelling story of a super-powered Mayor of New York City. The story takes place in a world that is very similar to ours, and is filled with intelligent dialogue, and brilliant plot twists (There are multiple books to this one, start with book 1).

·      Video Games – Mortal Kombat vs. DC, Fable 2 (both of these are more mature titles). Also, Guitar Hero World Tour & Rock Band 2.

·      Fender Strat Squire Pack – This beginner electric guitar/ amplifier pack has everything your geek needs to learn how to play guitar (not just Guitar Hero). They run between $150 – $250 depending on the pack. This is an excellent way to get your feet wet and see if you like playing without spending a ton of money.

·      TV on DVD – Some must watch TV shows for any geek:

o   Futurama (Seasons 1 to 4) – The pinnacle of geek shows. This show is funny as hell and filled with geek humor (a post will be coming in the future about why this is the best geek show of all time)

o   Mad Men (Season 1) – Quite frankly, this is the best, most intelligent show on television.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Your thoughts?

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