How to Add Symbols to Documents in Microsoft Word

I’m pretty excited to answer the first question submitted by a reader.

Question: Can I input mathematical symbols in Microsoft Word documents on a Mac?

Answer: Yes. Not only can you add math symbols in Word on a Mac, you can also add them on a PC. Here’s how:

In Microsoft Word – (This works the same way on both PC & Mac)

1 – Go up to the top of the screen and click on “Insert.”

2 – Mouse down to and click “Symbols.”

3 – The symbols panel will popup. Browse through the symbols until you find the one you are looking for. You may have to switch the font to Symbols or Cambria (or any other font you like) if you don’t see the symbols you desire (Not all fonts have the same symbols).

4 – Once you see the symbol you wish to add to your document, click it so that it highlights and grows in size.

5 – Either double click the enlarged symbol to add it to the document, or click insert on the bottom right side on the symbols panel.

*6 – The symbol will appear where your cursor was before you opened the symbols panel.

This is a really easy way to add mathematical symbols such as: ≠, ±, ≤, ≥, √, ∆

You can also add business/ legal symbols: ®, ©, ™, §

Or accents like these: á, à, â, ä, ã, å, ç

There are many more symbols, so check them out.

If you have a technical or geek question that you want answered, please email me or leave the question in a comment. 

5 thoughts on “How to Add Symbols to Documents in Microsoft Word

  1. Hi, Thanks for that (above), I have a windows computer, im trying to do a music essay, is there any way that i can get any other symbols on word, eg. musical notes (quavers, crochets ect). i went through the symbols like you said at the top but i couldnt seem to find any, or is there none and i have to draw them in after printing?
    Nia :)

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