Disgusting Behavior & the Fallout

A reader has requested that I explain the Megan Meier Suicide and conviction of Lori Drew.

Honestly, this story just makes me sick. This is the second time I have sat down to try and write a post about it, and I just can’t really put words to screen about these events.

What I will do is point you to the Wikipedia entry about Megan Meier’s Suicide. It’s well cited and seems to cover all of it’s bases. 

The result of the conviction of Lori Drew sets a legal precedent that seems to make the terms of service for software and web site (the legal things that you quickly skip through and never read when signing up for a web service or installing software) carry the same weight as federal law. The legal issues are explained better here.

Ultimately, it seems that this is a no win situation for justice.

On one hand, this heinous bitch of a woman should serve time for driving an emotionally disturbed girl to suicide over some gossip. On the other, upholding the conviction means the creation of a dangerous and potentially disastrous legal quagmire.

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