Derek Truck’s New Single

If you’ve never heard of Derek Trucks, you are missing out. Trucks is one of the best slide guitarists of all-times, and by far the best I have ever seen.

He play’s guitar with the Allman Brother’s Band along side his uncle and long-time Allman’s drummer Butch Trucks. He spent about two years touring and recording with Eric Clapton, and he also keeps a regular touring schedule with his own, Derek Trucks Band.

When touring and recording as a solo artist, Trucks melds genres together in exceptional ways. Listening to any track will reveal a multitude of influences including blues, rock, jazz, blues rock, southern rock, traditional Indian slide guitar, and Sacred Steel.

If you like any of the genres listed about, I recommend you give him a try.

Anyway, I’m very excited because Trucks has released a new single – Down in the Flood, a magnificent cover of an old Bob Dylan tune (further proof that everyone sings Bob Dylan better than Bob Dylan). The single is available for download on iTunes.

What has me even more excited is that the single is a precursor to a full-length album, Almost Free, due out on January 13, 2009. Mark your calendars.

Your thoughts?

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