A Whole Lotta Batman

Batman – one of my all-time favorite characters has a lot of things going on.

1 – On January 23, 2009 The Dark Knight is returning to theaters & IMAX, so the 10 people who didn’t see it in theaters have a chance to see it properly. They are also clearly taking another pass at overtaking Titanic as the number one grossing film in history. 

2 – In related news, The Dark Knight is coming to DVD & Blu-ray this Tuesday December 9th. I don’t know about you, but recession or not, I’m picking up a copy.

3 –  The forthcoming video game Batman Arkham Asylum has a new trailer. This may be premature because most Batman games have sucked pretty badly, but I am actually looking forward to this one.

4 – SPOILER ALERT Finally, in the comics, the “Batman RIP” story-line has concluded and while Bruce Wayne isn’t dead, it seems that he is not going to be Batman anymore (which means that he won’t be Batman until sales drop, and then miraculously, he will be Batman again).

Your thoughts?

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