“Rodrigo Y Gabriela” – The Most Badass Guitarists You’ve Never Heard of

“Rodrigo Y Gabriela” are in a league of their own. If there is anyone else out there that sounds like them, I haven’t heard them.

They are a classical guitar duo that began their career playing thrash metal in Mexico. A few years ago gave up their electric guitars and band for a pair of classical guitars, and moved to Ireland.

The duo has found success writing their own material and covering tunes by some of their biggest influences. They play an inspired rendition of Stairway to Heaven, and have recorded covers of Metallica’s One and Orion.

(If you don’t have enough time to watch the whole video, watch the second half!)

Their fusion of metal, flamenco, and classical techniques is astounding to listen to. They play with such intensity and beauty. It’s is rare to hear a classical guitarist scream out to the audience, “Are you fucking ready?” before busting back into a scathing solo as Rodrigo does on their new live album “Live in Japan.” They don’t just cross or combine genres; they break them apart, and create something new, something completely unique.

They have a prominent place on a short list of musicians who have changed the way I listen to and think about music.

I strongly recommend you give them a listen. If you like instrumental or guitar music, you can’t go wrong with “Rodrigo Y Gabriela.”

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