Happy Birthday Mouse! (and a quick word of advice)

Today is the 40th birthday of the computer mouse. 

With mice in mind, my word of advice is that if you don’t have a mouse that feels comfortable, you should help the economy and splurge on one. 

Why you ask? It’s just a dumb mouse, aren’t they all the same?

They aren’t. Some track better, have more buttons, are wireless or have other funky features… but that’s not the important part. 

Side note: If you look on the bottom of your mouse and see a little ball recessed in the mouse’s body, go out and get an optical mouse. I’m not kidding, you won’t miss the little ball. I promise. 

What matters is that your mouse feels comfortable to use. If you are anything like me you sit in front of a computer for obscene spans of time. Why be uncomfortable? If your mouse doesn’t feel right, you can injure your wrist, or cause neck and back pain. Get a mouse that works for you, and maybe a wrist wrest to go with it.

Practice safe computing and avoiding injury.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mouse! (and a quick word of advice)

    1. Logitech makes good stuff now, but Microsoft makes some damn good mice too (by the way: Microsoft mice work on Macs too).

      Logitech left me with a bitter taste in my mouth after years of driver problems. I know they haven’t had those problems for years, and I probably should let it go… but I still don’t like buying Logitech products.

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