More Killer Robots Please

Heroes has been weak, this season, but Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles has been amazing.

With rare exception, each episode has been a unique, thrilling adventure with great dialog and character development. The writers are creative, steering clear of the sci-fi clichés that Heroes keeps crashing headfirst into, and the acting has been incredibly believable. 

With this in mind, I ask that if you enjoy some good sci-fi, you should check Terminator out. Its ratings have been a bit iffy and I would be truly bummed if Sarah Connor Chronicles went the way of Firefly (expect a post on the awesomeness that was Firefly).

In other Terminator related news, a new trailer for the upcoming Terminator Salvation staring none other than Batman’s Christian Bale is out, have a look:

Terminator Salvation is expected in theaters on May 22, 2009.

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