Congratulations Bob Über Geek of the Year

Since I have been divulging a number of my many idiosyncrasies  this week, why stop now?

A guilty pleasure of mine is watching Survivor – I don’t watch any other reality TV shows, but I can’t get enough of Survivor… the show rocks.

Anyway, this season featured a nerd and a geek (one of these days I will get around to explaining the difference).

The geek, Bob Crowley, a high school physics teacher was crowned winner this season after spending 39 days dominating the rest of the cast with his superior skills, and understanding of how things work.


Bob Crowley - Survivor Winner, Millionaire, Über Geek of the Year
Bob Crowley - Survivor Winner, Millionaire, Über Geek of the Year

At 57 years of age, Bob was climbing all over the place, building huts, lashing together furniture, catching tons of fish, and crushing people half his age in both physical and mental challenges. 

The guy even made two fake immunity idols from things he found around Gabon… and these things looked damn convincing.  MacGyver, eat your heart out. 

Not only did Bob win the million dollars from the jury, he was also given an extra $100,000 because he was selected as the fan favorite. In short, the Bob kicked ass. 

With all that in mind, I crown Bob Crowley “Über Geek of the Year.” (I know he will treasure the title as much as he does the $1.1 mil.)

Honestly though, some channel should give this guy his own TV show.

Your thoughts?

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