More Power

You see the power symbol everywhere, but chances are you have never stopped to think about what it means.

“So what does the power symbol mean?”

I’m glad you asked.

The answer is pretty simple. It’s a combination of the two binary symbols: 1 & 0, on & off.

Put them together and you have the universal symbol of power. 


I have no idea what you can do with this knowledge, but I’ve always found it interesting.

4 thoughts on “More Power

  1. Just cause I like correcting you – See No one really knows where it comes from. And since I am an engineer, I would probably lean towards “Another explanation is that “1” represents a closed switch and “0” represents an open switch, in common with engineering diagrams.” Especially since switches were a lot more common back when as compared to binary. Although in the end I know you are going to come back at me with its the chicken and the egg scenario.

  2. Jason, you make a fair point and you also provided most of my counter-argument (so thanks for that too). Both explanations get at the same point: “on” & ‘off.”

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