Introducing Arielle

I’m pleased to introduce you to a new contributor on The Geek Whisperer, Arielle. That’s pronounced R-E-L (say the letters by name and you have her’s), not Ariel the damn mermaid.

Not like the mermaid!
Not like the mermaid!

Arielle is my oldest friend (we have known each other since we were two years old) and an all-around brilliant geek.

She reads comics, loves Batman, is a horror fanatic, and her true passion in life are the living dead.

She has a bachelor’s degree in performing arts management, and a double minor in business and communication. She is an extremely fast learner and reads at the speed of light. Incidentally she is also looking for a job (so enquire within).

She’s quick-witted, edgy, crass, and has no problem saying exactly what’s on her mind.

I know she will offer a fun and different perspective for your reading pleasure.

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