If and only If zombies eat brains…

Fine Dining

Everyone remembers 6th grade math right?  Truth Tables? Where P equals Q if all things stay constant and all that malarkey?  Well, here’s my reference point:

I’m writing on this site.  Therefore I must be a geek.  If i wasn’t a geek, I couldn’t write on this site.  And so on and so forth.  But I must be honest, there are levels of geekdom that I will just never achieve.  I’m way too lazy for it.  It requires too much effort and follow through.  I mean, as you read this post you’ll realize you’re hardly even getting a review…

So while David posts about Robert Kirkman, his manifesto and the implied future of comics, all I can add is “His zombie comics are effing sweet!”

And they are.  Marvel Zombies is just superb.  Here are two of my favorite things (raindrops and puppies not withstanding), COMBINED INTO AWESOMENESS!  The story, spanning the ultimate universe includes arcs from the Fantastic Four to the Black Panther, all culminating into graphic novels that exceeds expectations in vulgar, graphic and scintillating ways.  The redone covers (every issue of Marvel Zombies has a cover that zombifys a classic Marvel Comics cover), and the art in general, are also superb. (Yay Sean Phillips and Arthur Suydam!)

But it doesn’t end there.  The Walking Dead (one of Kirkman’s creator owned series) from Image is probably one of my favorite story arcs still being published right now.  You would think reading about the post-apocalyptic zombie revolution would get old, but it’s the relationships between the survivors that really keeps me coming back for more.  Plus it’s gory.  Everyone wins.

In the end, that’s why I’m fascinated with zombie literature.   In horror situations, people all of sudden don’t become humane.  They stay evil and wretched, or they maintain their compassion.  Some change out of necessity, but in the end, there are no more distractions besides the living dead to deter people from actually interacting with each other.  (I know this to be true.  Once, when the power went out in college, my roommates went to bed rather than hangout without the constant dim of the light emanating from their Myspace pages).

“In a world ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally start living” – Quoted on the back of every Walking Dead graphic novel, and oh-so-true.

Your thoughts?

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