Breaking iTunes DRM – No Hacking Necessary

I have a fundamental problem with what Apple. I’m very happy that they are stopping all of this DRM insanity (Click here to learn more about DRM). However, I think charging $0.30 per song, (which will be a lot of money if you bought a lot of songs) is insane. They aren’t raising the price of unlocked music, so why should you pay an extra fee for something that you already paid for? This is just further punishment for those who have legally purchased music.

BS like this brings out the pirate in me. AAAAARRRRR RAMING SPEED!
BS like this brings out the pirate in me. AAAAARRRRR RAMING SPEED!

Anyway, here’s a simple way to break iTunes DRM without paying this stupid fee:

1.     Burn the album (or songs) that you purchased to an audio CD (not a data CD). Audio CDs are the kind that you can put into your car and they will play.

  • It works best burn whole albums because your computer will be able to recognize the album and properly name all of the songs.
  • If you are doing this with individual tracks, you should write down the song’s name, album, artist, and any other metadata you want because you will have to add them manually later.

2.     After burning the CD, delete the purchased music from iTunes.

3.     Import the CD back to your computer with the “Import” button in the bottom right corner. 

  • Add the metadata back to the songs if necessary.
    • You can do this by right clicking on the song
    • Selecting “Get Info”
    • Then click on the second tab, “Info”
    • Type the names into the different fields
    • Click “OK”

4.     You’re done! No more DRM locks on your iTunes music!


I do advocate buying music whenever possible, but paying twice is wrong. Especially since these purchasers did the right thing in the first place. Apple is trying to get paid for the same songs twice, and that is some serious bullshit.

5 thoughts on “Breaking iTunes DRM – No Hacking Necessary

  1. You can also use a tool like MyFairTunes which uses your legitimate iTunes login to crack the DRM in the files.

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