MacUpdate #1

Care to know what happened at Macworld 2009? Here’s the CliffsNotes version:

  1. A victory for DRM haters everywhere (DRM makes me foam at the mouth). iTunes is dropping DRM on it’s music! They are also adding two new pricing tiers for record labels to use at their own discretion ($0.69 & $1.29 in addition to the existing $0.99). But what about the poor saps who are stuck with the old DRM locked music? You can unlock it for $0.30 per song. It’s kind of a rip-off… if you don’t want to pay; here is how you can break iTunes DRM for free. No hacking skills necessary.
  2. A 17 inch MacBook Pro (yes it’s pretty):
  3. A new version of iLife:
  4. And a new version of iWork:

As predicted, nothing too big. Hopefully there are some better goodies to come.

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