Cybergeddon is upon us!!

Ahh, fear-mongering at it’s finest.

I read the news. Daily.  There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with depressing yourself by reading about how messed up the whole g-d world is. Exhilarating almost. So, at 1:46 am, eastern standard time, I’m amazed that current events like the Gaza conflict, Japan’s recession, Darfur and heck, the first cat India dying, the FBI would like us to believe that we should really care about cyber wars.  Really? Sure, you admit that this worry comes after nuclear war and weapons of mass destruction, but really?

If there’s a nuclear holocaust, I’m pretty sure I wont be checking my email worrying about trojans in my FREE XXX PORN emails.

I get what they’re trying to warn us about.  Online terrorism could affect our infrastructure is a scary thought, but I always love how these articles act like “how-to guides.” If you were going to pollute our water supply here’s how and where it would be the most deadly.

Bruce Willis always let’s us know all about destruction. I saw Live Free or Die Hard. I know what happens. In the end, some bald guy is going to save the day, so I’m not really worried. Same thing happens in Armageddon, and I know Michael Bay would never exaggerate true events.

You’ve got to just love the media for always wanting to scare the living crap out of us. To see the Yahoo News article I’m ranting about, you can Click Here!

And… just for fun:

Your thoughts?

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