MacUpdate #2

I have to write a followup to Macworld 2009 because I named my first post MacUpdate #1.

While I wasn’t expecting much from this conference, I foolishly believed the good folks at Apple would reveal some more interesting products and developments after the first day… not so much. The only “big” addition was Keynote Remote. This allows iPhone users to remote control their Keynote presentation (think PowerPoint) via their phone. Cool and the name rhymes… but that’s it? Really?

Macworld 2009 = FAIL

But YouTube did have a little recording booth for people… I think this video sums up how interesting Macworld 2009 was:

To answer her question. Yes… apparently some people are watching. 

Honestly, this was a big waste of a conference. I thought that they would have had something moderately powerful to reveal since the company was facing a lot of concerned fans and investors over the absence of CEO/ führer Steve Jobs. I and many other’s believe that Apple is a micromanaged one-man-show. This Macworld did little to demonstrate otherwise. The sky isn’t falling, but they missed the mark on their own stage.

Your thoughts?

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