The Greatest Quasi-Legal Site Ever!

Surf the Channel is an insanely cool web site.

Basically, it directs you to the 1 million plus streaming videos that are linked to the site.

They have tons movies, television shows, and videos of concert performances. 

From North by Northwest to The Dark Knight, The West Wing to Futurama, documentaries to blistering performances by the band Dream Theater, they’ve got more videos than you’ve got time to watch (However they don’t have the bat-nipple laden Batman & Robin). 

They don’t have everything, and they don’t always have every episode of the television shows that are available on the site, but there is a lot there. 

It’s also ridiculously easy to use. The videos work just like YouTube (Actually some of the videos come from YouTube).


You’re probably wondering, “How can this be legal? ”

As I understand, it wouldn’t be if the streaming videos were hosted on servers in the United States. Instead they are hosted on servers in countries that do not honor US copyright law. 

The bottom-line is that it isn’t illegal for you to use the site. It isn’t illegal for you to watch the videos. It only becomes illegal if you copy the video in any way like taking a screens shot.

What I enjoy most about it are watching old shows that haven’t been brought to DVD.

If you want to use this service, I recommend doing it sooner than later. I have no doubt that the legal sharks are already circling this site. 

This may seem like a departure from my anti-piracy stance, it is… but only a little. I still believe that copyrights should be respected and piracy should be limited. However, given that this isn’t illegal and the owners of the copyrights do seem to have the opportunity to have their content unlinked from Surf the Channel, I have no problems posting this.

If you made it to the end of this post without exiting to checkout Surf The Channel, click here now.

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