Silence on YouTube

YouTube has implemented a new policy on videos that contain unauthorized, copyrighted music: They’re muting them.

Want to see (but not hear)? 

If you go to YouTube and look at a page with a muted video, they have this written beneath the video:


Oddly enough, enforcement seems to inconsistent (although I’m sure this video could be muted any day now):

That’s Dream Theater, the same band as the first video, the song is different, but it is from the same concert DVD, Score.

Anyway, I just figured that you should be aware so that you aren’t completely puzzled by a YouTube video that has no sound.

One thought on “Silence on YouTube

  1. Well, I noticed and wondered why the video ran better w/out the audio. As for inconsistency, it’s like editing a manuscript– sometimes, an error slips from the editor.

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