Read Comics – Green Lantern Edition

Many modern comics are exceptionally intricate stories that are difficult to just start reading. Gone are the days of picking up a random issue of a comic and being able to read it without any background knowledge… but have no fear, the Green Lantern primer is here.

I’m not going to summarize the history of the character for you, what I will do is tell you the order to read the stories in order to develop a through appreciation of the Green Lantern. Having a deep appreciation of the character and his rich history will make the current stories all the better. Context is important.

First thing you should know is that there are many Green Lanterns. Green Lanterns are essentially intergalactic police officers deputized by the Guardians. The greatest of them is a human named Hal Jordan. Most of the stories that I will reference here focus on Jordan.

I promise that all of these comics are quality books that are building in a specific direction. No filler here.

This list seems a bit long, but they are all fast reads.

You can purchase these from Amazon, but I recommend printing the list and taking it to your local comic shop. They can order the books for you and locate the individual issues that you need. If you are buying in volume, ask for a discount.

These stories are building towards something big and if the quality of this long run is any indication of what will be written, I cannot wait!

If you aren’t reading Green Lantern, you are truly missing out.

… this post took way longer to write than I thought it would.

2 thoughts on “Read Comics – Green Lantern Edition

  1. Pretty good compilation. You should also include a follow-up to actually explain your opinion on why Hal’s your favorite character. That would be pretty interesting.

    You might be interested in a thing I started up on my blog called “Super HeroiHOT” where I rate the attractiveness (appearance, powers, personality) of female comic book characters. My first one was Star Sapphire.


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