The Tick!

The live action television adaptation of “The Tick” (not to be confused with the cartoon which was also great) was an incredibly short-lived and excellent show. Until recently I was pretty sure that the only two people who watched it when it aired were my father and myself. 

It turns out that it has a cult following and I’m not the only person who loves that show.

Staring Patrick Warburton, best known for playing Puddy on “Seinfeld,” Tick is an exceptionally strong superhero, but the guy is as dense as uranium. He is the aloof hero with a heart of gold. 

Take a look at this short clip for a taste of the sweet comedic justice that the Tick administers by the bucket:

If you liked that, check out this heavily edited mini-episode:

Still want more? Check out all nine episodes on DVD. Watch as the Tick battles classic villains like the Red Scare (a robot that was the best technology available to the Soviets in the late 1970’s), the Terror (the worst villain in history… except he’s elderly now), and Apocalypse Cow (and her fire shooting udders).

“The Tick” was a brilliant lampooning of the superhero genre, before superhero movies and TV shows became common. The show was a breath of fresh-air and one of the many brilliant programs that the geniuses running FOX canned in the early 2000’s. There aren’t many episodes out there, but it is a must watch for any proper comic geek.

Your thoughts?

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