It’s Super Bowl Sunday! The highest holy-day of the year… at least in my family.

I have no real interest in any of the teams this year with the Jets (J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!) crash and burn end-of-season performance, I’ve been left with no one to root for… as usual. However, I still love Super Bowl Sunday, regardless of who’s playing. 

Super Bowl Sunday is a magical day when family and friends can gather and celebrate by consuming absurd amounts of food, football and advertisements. What’s not to love?

This Super Bowl Sunday is a bit more special than past ones because Bruce Springsteen will be rocking out during the halftime show. I’m not a dyed in the wool Springsteen fan like some… but he’s been doing some amazing studio and live work lately, and I have nothing but respect for the guy for that. 

Bruce’s latest album, Working on a Dream, hit store shelves last Tuesday, and it rocks!

I am particularly fond of the opening track, Outlaw Pete. Something about it just reached out and gabbed me on my first listen (which is rare on a Springsteen album for me, usually I have to listen to him a few times before I really start feeling it). 

Other noteworthy tracks are, My Lucky Day, Working on a Dream, the delightfully bluesy Good Eye, Life Itself (Which reminds me of some of the finest tracks off of The Rising (2002), and the radio-friendly, folk-pop, movie soundtrack hit – the Wrestler.  

Most of the songs are strong, but some of them tend to sound a bit alike… and then there is Queen of the Supermarket, which I just don’t get. But old Bruce has written a lot of songs and covered a lot of ground over the years, I won’t fault him for looking for his muse in an odd place every once in a while. 

I love this picture
I love this picture - Bruce Springsteen performs in a concert Sunday night, July 27, 2008, at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

The album is a strong addition to the Bruce Springsteen catalog and further proof that aging rockers can still create inspired works of art. 

I’m looking forward to delectable food, amazing friends, a good game, and some topnotch Jersey rock. 

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Your thoughts?

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