Skip the Long-winded Voicemail Recording

A friend of mine always has a song play (seemingly endlessly) as his voicemail recording. I call because I need to get him some important information and I’m stuck listening Kanye West until the communication gods grant me mercy in the form of a beep. 

A reader has sent me a link to an article that has a number of nifty cellphone tricks. The one I’m most fond of is how to skip long voicemail messages. Unfortunately there isn’t one uniform method for all cell carriers, so the one hitch is that you must know the cell carrier of the person you are calling:

AT&T: press #
Sprint: press 1
T-Mobile: press #
Verizon: press *

If you want to learn more tricks, check out the original article:,2817,2339983,00.asp

That’s all for tonight. I’m pretty bogged down with work on my thesis this evening. I’m really looking forward to finishing grad school in May.

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