Spaceballs the Movie

I think I was eight the first time I saw Spaceballs. Before you start judging my parents, you should realize that the brilliance of that movie, like Shrek, is that there is plenty to enjoy for a kid and 90% of the jokes went right over my head. 

Spaceballs – A Mel Brooks parody of the sci-fi genre. It is a comic masterpiece and must see movie for any self-respecting geek. Even if you hate Star Wars, you can still get a kick out of how cleverly Brooks and co. lampoon so many classic sci-fi space dramas.

Over the course of the subsequent ten years of my life, I watched Spaceballs over and over again. What made it so fun was each time I watched it I was a little older and a little wiser. So each time I watched it I understood more of the jokes. I’ve seen it more times than any other movie with the exception of Ghostbusters (which I watched daily as a toddler). 

Im a mawg. Half man, half dog... Im my own best friend.
"I'm a mawg. Half man, half dog... I'm my own best friend."

Anyway, I just watched Spaceballs again for the 3,872 time and I still think the movie is brilliant. Most of the jokes are timeless. A few are dated… but the movie is 22 years-old, so it’s allowed. 

If you haven’t seen Spaceballs, you’re missing out.

If you are already familiar with the way’s of the Schwartz, know the combination to the air shield, and know the secret of the fortune cookie, maybe you should give Spaceballs another viewing. It’s a topnotch comedy.

Your thoughts?

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