Limiting Damage to Your Phone or Laptop

In the immortal words of The Tick: “Gravity is a harsh mistress.”

When using a flip phone, laptop, or any other device with a hinge, the closed position is always safest during a fall.

The more compact, closed position will almost always take a fall better than the open position. This has to do with a number of factors including:

Smaller surface area – there is less exposed that can break.

Screen exposure – it is less likely that the screen will crack if it isn’t stuck directly.

Self-reinforcement – the more compact, closed position will typically allow the devices parts to reinforce themselves a bit more.

The bottom-line – Keep your laptop or phone closed when you aren’t using it. Especially if it is in a precarious position. 

This won’t necessarily save your device, but it will increase the odds of it surviving a fall. 

If you drop you device in water, follow these instructions:

Practice safe computing by not dropping the delicate electronics!

Your thoughts?

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