The Grammys < Big Fat Turd (The Coldplay Plagiarism Saga Continues)

I’m going to make this short and only write one post on the Grammys because I could rant for days on this subject.

Coldplay, the miscreants who are being sued by Joe Satriani for plagiarism won a truck full of Grammys for the same damn song that they ripped off. 

Here’s a roundup of my past posts on the subject:

Now, I know that they have not been found liable for anything yet, but they couldn’t find a single other band or album to bestow the following awards upon:

  • Pop performance by a duo or group with vocals
  • Song of the year
  • Rock album of the year

There isn’t a single other band out there that isn’t being sued by a world renown expert in music theory for plagiarism? Give me a freaking break!

We live in a world of brilliant musicians. Most of them never make it big, and this institution has continuously honored from within the current ranks of musical stardom, even when it is woefully undeserved. 

This is why I didn’t watch this circus.

OK… I feel better now.

One thought on “The Grammys < Big Fat Turd (The Coldplay Plagiarism Saga Continues)

  1. I think that the music industry just sucks. Its all about album sales. I actually like Coldplay. But I have a problem when this average band is just hailed as being the best thing since sliced bread. Coldplay’s music is just not creative and fresh to me. Radiohead was more deserving of the spotlight… so was TV on the Radio, Janelle Monae, NERD, Kings of Leon. Its so much talent out there but I guess the sappy golden boys win.

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