How to Buy A Computer Without Looking Like An Ass

In this multi-post “how to” guide I am going to go over everything from deciding between a desktop and a laptop to deciding between individual parts.

Round One. Fight!
"Round One... Fight!"

For starters, we will begin with the easy question – desktop or laptop.  

Both have advantages – desktops are cheaper and much easier to upgrade. They are also generally more powerful. But laptops are good too – they are portable and compact. They take up less space and can be used on the go.

So the question remains – “Which one do I buy?”  

Well being in retail, or more specifically being a guy who sells computers, I can tell you that it really boils down to one question – Does the portability matter to you?  If it does, then you should obviously go with a laptop because no one wants to carry around a huge tower,  keyboard, mouse, monitor, and whatever cords you need to plug it in.  And if it doesn’t, then ask yourself, “would I be happy with a desktop?”

Now for those of you who think there is more to it, there isn’t.  The decision process is that simple.  

In my follow up post, we will be looking more closely into the different types of laptops and how to decide between them, so stay tuned!

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