Removing Ink Tags

I don’t buy much clothing for myself, and I almost never buy expensive clothes, but I was in the city Friday night with my friends Jackie & Brie (Checkout her blog Yeah Like the Cheese) and we saw a sample sale. If I were alone I won’t have even noticed it let alone taken a look, fortunately they did it and dragged me in. 

They found a truckload of stuff, I found one really ridiculously expensive blazer that was marked down to $50. So I bought it. I went home very proud of my acquisition until I saw the ink tag still attached. I was pretty disappointed. 

Unfortunately there was no store to go back to, so I went to Google instead. I found this post that explained exactly how to cut the tag from the garment without rupturing the ink tubes:

The instructions are good. They could be written a little bit better, but they get the job done.

Armed with a Dremel (a must-have geek tool), cutting wheel attachment, and a pair of needle-nose pliers I had that sucker off in ten minutes.

I figured this was pretty useful information to pass on to you. 

Please use this knowledge responsibly.

Your thoughts?

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