Big Blue

This post is not about about IBM, although I am aware that another tech post is long overdue. 

As I browsed my new favorite blog, Occasional Superheroine, I was kind of shocked (not an easy feat) by her latest post – Watchmen Condom “Sexist?”

It seems that the upcoming movie, the Watchmen is now being shock-marketed with blue condoms that say, “We’re society’s only protection” on the packaging.


Why blue condoms you ask?

Because main character Dr. Manhattan is both blue and nude… you can’t really argue with the cleverness. 

Hes omnipotent. No need for modesty.
He's omnipotent. No need for modesty.

Is it sexist? Feel free to check out Occasional Superheroine’s post for that one. I am going to make a different point.

A few days ago I wrote about the appropriateness of the advertisements and merchandizing of Watchmen. Namely, I’ve been bothered by the kid friendly marketing and merchandise for what will be a very kid-unfriendly movie.

At least the use of condoms appeal to a more mature audience. I think it is more honest marketing. 

… and that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Your thoughts?

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