This Tour Goes to 11


Mr. David St. Hubbins, Mr. Nigel Tufnel, Mr. Derek Smalls. The brilliant men who brought us classic songs such as “Break Like the Wind,” “Stonehenge,” “Diva Fever, “Bitch School,” “Big Bottom,” “The Majesty of Rock,” and of course, “Sex Farm.”

Who among us wasn’t deeply touched by their music… their art. 

An umlaut over the "n" is extra hardcore
An umlaut over the "n" is extra hardcore

After years of sporadic appearances, Spinal Tap is finally touring again! Their music is timeless and transcends generational lines. For this very reason, I strongly implore you to take your children to see them if you are lucky enough to have them role through your town. Kids just need to experience the breathtaking beauty of songs like “Cups and Cakes.” Just don’t let your daughter, girlfriend, or wife near them, they may be much older and mullet-less, but there is no band in history with bigger balls.

This tour will be all acoustic and they will be performing without a drummer – It’s a pity really, I can think of a few people who can’t play drums that I would love to see as Spinal Tap’s drummer.*

St. Hubbins, Tufnel, and Smalls also stated that they will be returning to the studio. More on that as it develops. 

In all seriousness, they are having a tour called “Unwigged & Unplugged.” For real information, checkout their website:

*If you don’t know about Spinal Tap’s drummer history, SHAME ON YOU!!! Go see This is Spinal Tap.

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