All Star Batman & Robin Take Two

Back in 2005 comic legends Frank Miller and Jim Lee teamed up to create All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder.

This book was so hyped up, then it hit the shelves and it was a special kind of bad. I’m a fan of a lot of Frank Miller’s and Jim Lee’s work but All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder is a train wreck. The book is so bad, but I keep picking up the new issues (when they actually come out) to see what ridiculous thing they will do next.

A spectacular failure!
A spectacular failure!

The book is bad on an epic level. It’s a masterpiece of terrible. It’s the Mona Lisa of crap… and i can’t seem to stop reading it [This is the toned down version. I couldn’t bring myself to print one of the more graphic sentences that I wrote].

Miller & Lee have boldly created a funhouse mirror reflection of Batman and the DC Universe in what seems like an effort to just do something completely insane. Frank. Jim. If that was your goal I congratulate you on your success.

Moving on…

Today, Dan Didio announced that writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely, the same team that has created the excellent book All Star Superman, will be writing a new series titled Batman & Robin. I hope the do the characters justice.

A page of Frank Quietlys art from the upcoming series Batman & Robin
A page of Frank Quietly's art from the upcoming series "Batman & Robin"

Your thoughts?

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