Apple’s App Store, the place that makes iPhone applications available to the public likes to play censor every so often. Today they rejected the latest version of the Twitter client, Tweetie because the application may contain obscenity. 

The basic idea of rejection because it may contain obscenity is pretty insane, but I haven’t actually told you the crazy part yet.


Brace yourself…


Here it comes…


The application does not contain obscenity.

It has been rejected because it searches the micro-blogging site Twitter, and Twitter’s posts may contain obscenity.

The decision is remarkable. By that standard Apple’s own web browser Safari also contains obscenity, and porn… hell, it even contains child porn because it contains anything that the Internet contains. 

Here’s what’s going to happen – Everyone online will go nuts over this (especially the Twitterati) until Apple reverses its decision. 

As Apple grows and gains market-share their penchant for censorship and absolute control will become exceptionally threatening. 

To my knowledge, big, bad, monopolistic, Microsoft never pull this kind of shit (note the intentional obscenity).


Apple has resolved this properly and allowed Tweetie. However allowing the application doesn’t resolve the larger problem of Apple exercising excessive control over users and developers.

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