“I Demand One Million Dollars”

Engadget is reporting that a Yale student named Jesse Maiman has filed a lawsuit against US Airways over the loss of his allegedly modified XBox 360… and in case the title didn’t give it away, he is suing for $1,000,000 on account of lost property and emotional damage. 

US Airways has pointed out that “the federal limit of liability for lost luggage top out at $3,300, but that electronics checked in luggage are specifically excluded from liability.”

Everything about this is screwed up!

Jesse Maiman – Get a grip. A million dollars? Really? You are either a very funny guy or a total jackass.

US Airways – Electronics checked in luggage are excluded from liability? So that means that your employees can freely steal our electronics without any recourse. That’s pretty low, especially now that you are charging for checked bags.

The lesson

Don’t bring unnecessary electronics onto airplanes, and if you bring it with you as carryon.

Your thoughts?

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