(Don’t) Be very, very quiet…

I like music. That’s an understatement. I LOVE music.

I’ve been into music since I was in the womb. No really, I have been. I can’t play it worth a damn, but boy do I love listening. When I first got my new car, it came with XM radio. Although sometimes it felt like it wasn’t much different than the normal radio in terms of variety, I did get turned onto a bunch of new bands. And the whole tell-me-exactly-what-i’m-listening-too feature was great. Oh, how i miss thee XM.

Another great way to find out new music, or get your greedy little piratey hands on singles, are music blogs. Music blogs will either be naughty and steal music and upload it to servers for people not quite unlike myself to download until the record labels tell them to take it down, or record labels will be AWESOME AND NOT EVIL and allow these sites to host new and unreleased tracks. Either way, it allows people to share the music that they love with others. If you like one band, there’s a good chance there’s a similar band on these online mixtapes.

The Hype Machine is my favorite search engine to find songs. You can get great live tracks, covers, hard to find b-sides, and so many other great new bands that you never even knew existed. You can listen to most of the songs without even leaving the homepage, or you can troll through the blogs they compile.  Using the “Spy” feature on the site, you can even see what other people around the globe are listening too!  How RAD is that? (Read this post’s comments, you’ll get that last bit)

Happy Hunting!!

Your thoughts?

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