The New iPod Shuffle – Interesting Design, Ugly Policy

If you are in the market for a new iPod, here’s the skinny on the new iPod Shuffle.

It’s small. Really, really small.

iPod Shuffle Specs

It weighs 0.38 ounces, which is apparently “only 10% more than a single sheet of letter-sized paper” (Engadget), and has a storage capacity of 4 GB.

Its not much bigger than your earbuds.
It's not much bigger than your earbuds.

The iPod Shuffle has no display screen or built in buttons. It tells you what is playing by speaking it into your headphones in a robotic voice. You can control the iPod with a three button controller built into the headphones. Sadly, headphone makers will have to get a license from Apple to make their devices compatible. In my opinion, this is a deal breaker for two reasons.

  1. I don’t want to buy new headphones. I like mine.
  2. I refuse to encourage Apple’s heavy handed control of everything they touch.

iPod Shuffle is really small

10 thoughts on “The New iPod Shuffle – Interesting Design, Ugly Policy

  1. i just find the fact that i would be unable to use any other headphones/earbuds/speakers except the apple earbuds not right.

  2. I’ve heard that they will have an adapter for third party headphones, but I haven’t seen anything that suggests that they are available. Additionally, I think it is crazy that Apple is constantly making these closed products.

  3. Almost looks too small. I’m forever now losing thumbdrives (and yes, content.) There’s something to be said for a little heft and bulk.

    And, Apple earbuds don’t work for me, especially working out. They bounce out when running.

    Sorry, Stevie, I won’t be buying this latest offereing. Thanks for the report, GW.

  4. Mark, I’m with you on the size issue. I also like having the screen and the ability to easily browse for a specific song.

    nelle, I agree that the engraving is pretty cool. They have been doing that for a few years now.

  5. Oh, really? I didn’t know that! I got my ipod video just late last year and I haven’t heard that they have that. I even inquired from the local Apple store here but they don’t have any idea when it will be available coz I am planning to have my ipod video engraved. :(

  6. That’s odd. I have an 80 GB iPod Classic that I bought about two years ago from Apple’s web site that is engraved. Have you tried looking on their site instead of going to the Apple store?

  7. During the time that I am on the process of planning to buy the classic, I am browsing the net already. This is really the first time that I saw the “engraving” thingy! It’s really odd!!!

    I visited the Apple store after purchasing on-line the “micro-mini-shuffle” the other day just to inquire if they offer this “personalizing the ipod”. Sigh!

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