No One Ever Likes Facebook Redesigns

Every once in a while Mark Zuckerberg’s crew at Palo Alto update the user-interface for Facebook. Immediately after, hundreds of thousands of Facebook junkies go nuts about how much they “hate the new Facebook!” They blog, twitter, and even start Facebook groups to air their discontent. This literally happens every single time they change the user-interface.

I reluctantly joined Facebook back in 2005 because I became tired of explaining to people why I wasn’t on Facebook (behold the power of peer-pressure). Since joining I realized that it is actually a very useful communication tool. It is an easy way to keep track of my friends since it never changes. I’m not talking about the user-interface. What I mean is that phone numbers and email addresses change, but the Facebook profile is fairly static. If a friend changes his/her job, their email address will change, but I can always find them on Facebook. It was exceptionally useful in the months after college graduation. 

I use Facebook mostly as a tool for communication and occasionally as a toy. 

Maybe it is the way that I use it, but I don’t have a problem with the new user-interface. So long as Facebook doesn’t adopt another draconian privacy policy, I’m happy.

As far as the discontent goes… Facebook will take notice and will probably change a couple of the things that people are really screaming about, but I suspect the new user-interface is here to stay and the angry users will just get used to it. Unless people start closing their accounts in protest, I doubt there will be much change.

Your thoughts?

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